Tahona – Canelones

In 2011, there was an idea to “live among vineyards”, a dream held by many that then came to pass when we decided to install a vineyard in La Tahona, near the city of Montevideo, just 5 km from the sea.

When we studied the soil, we saw that it had a clay loam texture with a good balance of nutrients and water retention capacity which allows it to maintain an ideal level of humidity, adjusting the vegetative development to ensure full ripening of the grapes with a high concentration of fruity aromas and superior quality of polyphenols from the skin. The challenge was to meet the needs of the crop in harmony with the neighborhood. We therefore adjusted the management of the vine to make it look garden-like, with a green tapestry between the rows of vines and vegetation trimmed in the form of a fence. All interventions on the crop are carefully thought out to minimize the environmental impact, considering all of the safety conditions for homes. The resulting wines are elegant, with a perfect balance between alcohol, acidity and fruit.