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During the summer, Punta del Este has a special and magical atmosphere. The shore of the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect place to enjoy lovely moments with friends at sunset. Born in this very place, from the coastal vineyard of Cerro Eguzquiza in La Barra, Ocean Blend Rosé is the most suitable wine for Uruguayan summer nights. A fresh, light and elegant wine for sharing.

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Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir y Tannat Estancia Aguaverde, La Barra
During fermentation, the temperature is maintained around 16°C (61ºF), which allows the subtlest aromas of the grape to be preserved. The color is a bright pale pink with some pearly gray reflections reminiscent of shellfish.
On the nose, saline and vegetative notes mix with those of fruit such as juicy pear, lime, red orange and cherry, held up by floral aromas (violet, rose and jasmine). The wine stands out on the palate for its liveliness, the signature of an excellent balance of fruit and acidity. The finish is elegant due to its minerality and salinity
Ocean Blend Rosé is a wine to enjoy very chilled, at a temperature of 6 to 8°C (42 – 27ºF). It accompanies sushi, seafood, ceviche and grilled fish perfectly.