Mendoza – Argentina

In 2010 the idea to acquire a vineyard in Mendoza – Argentina took root. We wanted a Malbec from a special terroir for this variety, which would give us the profile of wines we find in our Single Vineyard line: naturally acidic and ripe tannins. Finally, we were able to confirm that the oldest Malbec vines may be what we were looking for. It was finally in 2012 that the project began to take shape, and the first wine was produced in 2014.

The plot is located in Perdriel (Luján de Cuyo), with 7 hectares of vineyards that are over 90 years old. The vineyard is on a soil of alluvial origin, with pebbles that were pulled from the Andes mountain range and interspersed with layers of silt, to generate new, deep and heterogeneous soils. Rain is scarce, so the vineyard must be irrigated with water that melts from ice on the mountain that runs through ditches and is guided towards the rows of vineyards. This is done in the traditional way by channeling its passage with a manual mechanism. The wines first express floral aromas, followed by blueberries, liquorice, vanilla, and clay, all in harmony with a considerable natural acidity.