Cerro Eguzquiza – Maldonado

In 2008, with the slogan “wine is celebration and joy”, a vineyard began to be cultivated on Cerro Eguzquiza. At just 9 km from the Atlantic Ocean and our main beach town, Punta del Este, it is an ideal place to host parties and gatherings.

The predominant soils are Argisols of loam textures, profound depth, moderate drainage and medium fertility, mixed with Brunisols with a well-marked textural B horizon. The geologic or original material is made up of clay silt from the Quaternary era: small particles that broke off of granite rocks and were transported in the form of mud and then deposited on the primordial rock of the crystalline base, during very humid weather, a little over a million years ago. The vineyard was designed with exclusive and unprecedented curved shapes that mimic the terrain, giving it a beautiful aesthetic in perfect harmony with the alluring natural landscape. Vast stone walls are interspersed in the vineyards evoking the centenary European château, with spacious and comfortable installations to attend to the needs of those who visit us.